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Protecting Client Interests in High-Conflict Legal Problems

With a South Carolina trial practice that covers the spectrum from personal injury and wrongful death litigation to divorce and criminal defense, Schiller & Hamilton, LLC represents people whose legal problems present a high likelihood of conflict. To learn how an experienced trial attorney can not only protect your interests in court but also show you how to settle your case on favorable terms, contact us in Rock Hill or Lancaster for A Complimentary Strategy Session.

South Carolina Personal Injury Attorneys and Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our attorneys offer clients extensive legal knowledge, trial experience and practical advice across a wide range of legal problems. We have qualified and experienced personal injury lawyers, car accident lawyers, personal injury attorneys, and auto accident lawyers who can help you after a car crash or any other personal injury case. Our SC personal injury lawyers can help you with any of the following:

In vehicle accidents and other personal injury litigation, our goal is to help our clients deal with the full range of legal, financial and practical problems that can come up in the aftermath of a serious crash case. In workers’ compensation, we work to even the playing field against insurance companies that put their own priorities ahead of those of injured workers. Criminal defense and family law clients appreciate our ability to work toward the prompt resolution of immediate problems while protecting long-term interests.

The legal steps you take in the earliest stages of a civil or criminal matter can have continuing consequences throughout the entire case. We urge people to get the legal advice they need as soon as possible, before they start losing valuable options for a positive result.

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