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At Schiller & Hamilton, our lawyers have almost 40 years of combined experience and have helped thousands of individuals resolve legal problems and get benefits they deserve. Whether you have been in an automobile accident, a motorcycle accident, hurt on the job, been denied Social Security benefits, are going through a divorce or have been arrested, the lawyers at Schiller & Hamilton want to help you.

Let us put our legal experience to work for you. The sooner you get our law firm involved the sooner we can serve you. We emphasize prompt, professional and courteous service that includes placing your needs above ours. At Schiller & Hamilton, we understand whatever it is you are facing can be terrifying and confusing. Because every case is different our representation requires our lawyers meet with you personally to develop the right strategy.

At Schiller & Hamilton we help to level the playing field. We work hard to earn your trust and are diligent in obtaining the resolution that is right for you. We do not want you to feel alone. Let us put our EXPERIENCE to work for you whether you are fighting an insurance company, a spouse or the state.

Client Testimonials

  • "Bennett and Liz immediately took my son and me in during a very confusing time in our lives. Their warm and family demeanor with us was exactly what we needed at the time. They continue to go above and beyond any expectations that we had and quickly removed any doubt that they had our best interest in mind at all times!"
    - Heather B.
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    - A Criminal Defense Client

Fundamentals Of A Viable Auto Accident Case

(Info That May Be Helpful For You If You Have Been In A Crash In South Carolina)

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