Client Testimonials

“Yes, I would recommend them. They stayed pretty well on the spot. They stayed in contact and let me know what was going on. They were hard working and got me a fair settlement. They did a good job!” – Larry Sanders

“They did good by me!” – A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Schiller was a true professional in every sense of the word. I was kept abreast with all aspects of the case, and I truly felt cared for. Without a doubt, I have no regrets using such a quality and professional law firm. Top notch experience! It was my first time and hopefully the last time I need the use of a law firm. God forbid, if the need arises in the future, they will receive my business. Highly recommend this firm.” – A Satisfied Client

“It was excellent. Mr. Schiller was the bomb. He was very helpful, always checked in with us, and we were very pleased. Mr. Schiller always calls back in a timely manner. He was very organized and always listened to us.” – Mr. and Mrs. Sanders

“It was awesome. He’s the best attorney I’ve ever encountered. He’s a bulldog in court.” – Robert B.

“If you ride, you need an attorney that rides as well. Bennett doesn’t just own a motorcycle he rides. He handled my motorcycle accident professionally and quickly.

If 5 stars is tops then the Schiller Law Firm gets 6.” – Mac M.

“These guys are amazing. When I had nowhere else to turn, Bennett Schiller and his paralegal Donna Cooper, were there. They handled my case fantastically. I was in a terrible situation and they saw me through. They are so great. I’m using them for another legal case and even referred them to my boyfriend’s mother! I will use them again should I have a need for legal representation. Thank you Bennett and Donna!” – Crystal M.

“Everything went fine. He did the best that he could with the case. They let me know everything in a timely manner, told me everything thing to do the right way, told me good things to do to solve my case. They showed me much respect and worked hard. I wish Bennett Schiller and his family well and thank him for everything.” – Vernon H.

“Working with them was lovely, great and they were really kind and generous” – Maggie M.

” Great, they did a good job!” – Debra G.

“It was great! If I have further issues I know who to turn to.” – Sierra T.

“They are doing a great job!” – A Satisfied Client

“Really good; they treat me well!” – A Satisfied Client

“Extremely satisfied; can’t say anything bad about the experience.” – A Satisfied Client

“It was absolutely great!” – A Satisfied Client

“I give this law firm a 15 out of 10. They were very friendly and helpful, and wanted to help me more than he wanted to help himself. Ben is a really good guy.” – Cory S.

“The service is always good, and I know Bennett Schiller personally. He has someone named Donna working for him who was a sweetheart and goes out of her way to help everyone that she can. Donna is a great person. They handled my case well and communicated well with me all the time, this was the 2nd case that I have let them handle for me.” – Jeff M.

“Everything was pretty good, I liked Bennett a lot, Elizabeth was really great and I’ve been recommending them to everyone I know. Nothing bad to say about this firm at all.” – Anthony B.

“I thought Mr. Schiller was outstanding, he is a very talented at what he does legally. Not only that, but he is personable and handled things very well.” – Beverley L.

“It was very excellent, I am actually going to have them handle another case for me and will be referring them to others. They handled everything professionally and communicated with me every step of the way. When I was tired of going to the doctor and just wanted to settle the case, they were right there behind me. Great people and firm.” – Harvey R.

“I was in a car accident on August 31, 2013. My son also was in an accident on the school bus. I was very devastated. So, I contacted Schiller Law Firm and they came to my rescue. Schiller Law Firm is great. They make sure that you understand and listen to your situation. Customer Service is wonderful at all times inside the office and on the telephone. They make you feel comfortable. Schiller Law Firm always makes time for their clients. I made the right choice by choosing Schiller Law Firm to solve my cases in a timely manner. You can always trust Schiller Law Firm to get to the bottom of the situation of your case.” – Luecendor J.

“I had a case where my landlord would not repair parts of my house. It caused us to have mold. So I contacted Attorney Yates. He gave me an appointment and then he took my case, and the Schiller law firm did a great job. Everyone was kind and helpful and understanding, even the secretaries.” – Timetra P.

“I believe customer service is the most important aspect of any business to be successful. I have received nothing but great customer service from the Schiller & Hamilton law firm. I am very pleased with the service and compassion I received with my case in hand and am grateful to have chosen Schiller & Hamilton represent me.” – Tarsha M.

“In January, 2014, my father and I were in a serious vehicular accident which thankfully resulted only in minor injuries, and my vehicle was deemed a total loss. Schiller & Hamilton, LLC was highly recommended to us by Dr. Martin’s Chiropractic Office in Bluffton, SC and provided service to my father and me right away. Schiller & Hamilton, LLC has been there every step of the way and has been there for me and my father in more ways than one. They are fast acting and their communication with us has been awesome to say the least. I would recommend Schiller & Hamilton, LLC to any of my close friends and especially my personal family, and they will be the first people I call if I ever need advice or help.

Thank you Schiller & Hamilton, LLC for all you have done and continue to do.” – Matt H.

“Bennett and Liz immediately took my son and me in during a very confusing time in our lives. Their warm and family demeanor with us was exactly what we needed at the time. They continue to go above and beyond any expectations that we had and quickly removed any doubt that they had our best interest in mind at all times!” – Tim H.

“I was rear-ended by a driver who admitted he was totally at fault. When I talked with his insurance company’s representative – she told me to have everything fixed right and then to sent her all of my bills when completed and then she would decide ”what was reasonable for me to be reimbursed.” I had this sickening feeling after I hung up and knew I needed a professional experienced attorney to represent me since I don’t know anything about what is reasonable, legal and applicable in this situation. This was my first accident of this kind in over fifty years of driving and I was shocked that I may be out of pocket for something I did not cause nor was liable. I was hoping to find the second coming of Atticus Finch.

A person I trust recommended Bennett Schiller and I liked him the first time we met. It was clear that he has been thru these battles many times and his assurance that he would do his absolute best for me – made me feel much more at ease. The second time we met in his office he gave me a watermelon to take home and enjoy (kind of what I would expect of an Atticus Finch). And the third time was the signing of the necessary documents to finally put this all to rest. Along the way there was always constant communication either thru emails or by phone and throughout this period Bennett gave me updates so I never felt like I was on my own.

Thank you for your efforts Bennett. I really appreciate what you have done for me.” – Andy K.

“I had never had to use a lawyer before so I was a bit nervous about the process. It could not have been easier. I went in, explained my situation and Bennett and his staff took it from there! They took care of everything for me! It was so simple. I just checked in with them here and there and before I knew it was all over and I left one VERY satisfied client. Not to mention their staff is so friendly, lively and polite. I always felt at home when I would go to their office.

I will most definitely be using them again if I am ever in need of legal assistance.” – Heather B.

“It was a pleasure to work with the staff at Schiller & Hamilton. They were always willing to go above and beyond what was expected. I sincerely appreciated their professionalism and dedication in the handling of my case.

Thank you for a job well done.” – Crystal B.

“The attention that my husband’s case received from Schiller & Hamilton was far more than we could have expected or hoped for. They made us feel like we mattered, we were not just another case. I would recommend them to anyone in need of an attorney. We were so happy with the way they handled my husband’s workman’s comp case that we are now using them for his social security case.” – Evelyn and James J.

“I was let to the Schiller Law firm after a terrible injury to my back that happened on the job. First let me say that because of who I am, I never thought that first off I would need a Lawyer, because I truly believed that I would be just fine. That was furthest thing from the truth.

After weeks of doctor appointments and being told by the best orthopedic doctor in Rock Hill, SC that my best option was surgery, I walked into Schiller Law firm met with Mr. Schiller and Donna, his paralegal, and told them, I need your help. I have worked for this University in good standing and it’s like they have turned their back on me. Mr. Schiller response to me was: Deborah, I wish you had walked through our doors sooner you don’t have to worry about anything except, getting well now. This firm and their staff treated me like family, and I am sure this is how he has built his reputation in the community.” – Deborah I. C.